What remains. Students from Hannover photographed the new GO magazine in cooperation with Reportageschule Reutlingen.

The current GO Magazine. Cover photo by Solveig Eichner. Photo: Finn Winkler

Twelve students from the Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography programme worked with twelve reporters from the Reportageschule Reutlingen last July and August to produce a comprehensive report of images and text. The result of our collaboration was presented to the public in Reutlingen and subsequently sent to all major magazines, daily newspapers and photo editors in Germany. The cooperation between Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Reportageschule Reutlingen has existed for 17 years. For the young journalists of our institutions, GO magazine is a milestone in their training and an impressive showcase.

Image from the series "Fischer's Fritzin" by Anton Vester. The reportage was made together with the journalist Anna Scheld. Photo: Finn WInkler