Alumni win at the “Sports Photo of the Year” contest. Marvin Ibo Güngör and Tom Weller are honored for their work.

Lionel Messi is shouldered by friend and former teammate Sergio Agüero after his triumph in the World Cup final to present the World Cup trophy to Argentine fans. Photo: Marvin Ibo-Güngör

Marvin Ibo Güngör wins the main prize for the sports photo of the year 2022. He reported from Qatar during the World Cup. He photographed the athlete Lionel Messi holding the winner’s trophy in his hands after the World Cup final. The image is titled “Like Maradona once” and was selected from 964 submitted motifs.

The “Sports Photo of the Year” competition is organized every year by the sports magazine kicker and the Association of German Sports Journalists (VDS). The winning photo is awarded €5000. Graduate Tom Weller is also on this year’s shortlist in the “Young Talent Award” category.

Marvin Ibo Güngör (28) graduated from Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree. For the agency GES-Sportfoto he documents events like world championships and Olympic Games worldwide.