TruePicture enters the second round: Top-class nominations from Hannover.

The grant is committed to promoting democracy and shaping opinion through photojournalism.

Black and white photo of the face of a young man, who is injured on the lips and under the nose, photographed by Michael Hinz. Photo from the project "far beyond driven". Photographer Michael Hinz is one of a total of 19 nominated current or former students of Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

The TruePicture photojournalism grant enters its second round. 38 photographers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been nominated for participation this year. The students of Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts were again particularly impressive: 20 nominees are currently enrolled in our programme or have recently graduated. The jury will announce the three winners on July 6, 2023.

TruePicture is a photojournalism grant that supports young and dedicated photojournalists in their training and professional careers. Swiss photographer Manuel Bauer initiated the project last year. The winners will receive mentoring and funding of 15,000 Swiss francs (approximately €15,000). This supports the participants in the realization of a project with high social relevance.

TruePicture sees photojournalism as a vital means of promoting democracy and shaping public opinion. In a recent interview with, Manuel Bauer emphasized the need for funding and mentoring programmes like TruePicture: “Photographers are completely on their own to get funding. And the editorial offices no longer have the financial means to send photo reporters abroad for a larger project.”

The TruePicture grant works closely with the Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography programme. The professors are part of both the nominating committee and the mentoring programme. Last year, Tatsiana Tkachova, a student from the international class, had already received a place. Alumni Patrick Junker received an Honourable Mention.

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