“We want to grow closer together” – how students have organized a massive outdoor exhibition.

“Identity, Courage, Love” to be seen until June 25.

Photo: Ksenia Ivanova

Thirty-five photographic works by students will be shown in public places in June as part of the “Identity, Courage, Love” exhibition. The show, deliberately covering a wide thematic variety, brings student work from the Hochschule Hannover at Expo Plaza into the public space. The projects deal with refugees, social protests, sexual orientation and psychological problems. And many projects deal with the photojournalists’ own origins in different ways. These include photo projects from Hannover, Bosnia and the Polish-Ukrainian border region.

The works were selected by a jury of professors and former students, including Prof. Dr. Karen Fromm, Prof. Christoph Bangert, as well as photographers Emile Ducke and Shirin Abedi. The jury also decided on the prize of 500 EUR awarded to Ksenia Ivanova, a student in the International Class, for her work “Silence in between”. This is about the unresolved military conflict between Georgia and Russia over the region of Abkhazia.

Photo: Serghei Duve


Photo: Diana Cabrera Rojas
Photo: Ludwig Nikulski

The exhibition was organized by a group of students themselves. Lasse Branding, who co-initiated the project, remembers: “After the pandemic, we wanted to bring life back into the programme and grow together more strongly. Together with his fellow students, he first had to teach himself how to write applications and concepts, acquire funding and calculate finances. Students from the event management programme as well as teachers of the Visual Journalism and Documentary programme supported the project. Lasse Branding’s conclusion: “The exhibition is as much a result of the work of the teachers as of the students. Without their support and the structure of the course, it would not have been possible.”

The exhibition was developed in cooperation with Fotobus e.V. and is supported by Druckerei Kettler, Herrenhäuser, the City of Hannover, Nikon, Picter, Photonews, Sparkasse Hannover and Verlag Kettler.

Opening time
June 16, 2023 to June 25, 2023

Friday, June 16, 2023, 7 pm

Exhibition locations in Hanover:
Main station – Ernst-August-Platz
Am Küchengarten
Galeria – Seilwinderstraße

Selected photographers:

Alexander Nowak
Amelie Sachs
Antonia Teichert
Aaron Leithäuser
Anne Speltz
Bastian Betz
Carlotta Steinkamp
Christian Weidner & Lennart Holste
Diana Cabrera Rojas
Fabian Niebauer & Lorenz Huter
Fabian Schwarze
Felix Rosic
Florian Sulzer
Giovanni de Mojana
Kai Weise
Kollectiv 35
Ksenia Ivanova
Lasse Branding
Lenny Steinhauer

Ludwig Nikulski
Magdalena Vidovic
Malte Laudahn
Markus Heft
Martin Steger & Moritz Lehmann
Mehdi Moradpur
Minoo Hassanzadeh
Niclas Tiedemann
Nora Schwarz
Polina Schneider
Samuel Bosshardt
Serghei Duve
Solveig Eichner
Stella Meyer & Sarah Schneider
Tabea Kerschbaumer
Teona Mskhvilidze
Thea Marie Klinger
Tetyana Chernyavska & Jasper Hill

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